About Veronica

Veronica's Story

Veronica is a lifelong resident of Delano, California and has deep roots within the United Farm Workers Movement. Five generations of her family have served the community as farmworkers and as labor rights activists. After both Veronica’s parents passed away early in her high school career, she lived with her grandparents and followed in her family's footsteps. Veronica became a county social worker after interning with Congresswoman Barbra Boxer and graduating CSU East Bay with a Masters in Social Work.

Veronica began working for Kern County as a social worker in 2007. Within her workplace she was entrusted with advocating for her peers, which led to her involvement with the Service Employees International Union, Chapter 521 (SEIU 521), where she quickly became a passionate advocate and activist for workers rights. Veronica's hard work led to victories in labor contract negotiations gaining her wide recognition within her chapter. She has remained the chapter president of SEIU ever since her 2017 election.

Veronica became involved with the Kern County Democratic Party in 2016 as an Assembly District Delegate to the State Democratic Party. In her position, she advocated for the values of her constituents at Democratic State Conventions. Earlier this year, she was elected to the county central committee in Supervisorial District 4.

Today, she is your councilwoman on the Delano City Council and is working to ensure genuine representation for the people of Delano.