Corner of Ellington St. and Garces Hwy.



Water is such an important part of any community, water is a necessity. In Delano we need to have cleaner water and have it be more accessible to all of our residents. That's why Veronica believes we must push for State and Federal assistance in order to clean our water and take out carcinogens such as 123 TCP.

Water in Delano is too expensive, Veronica will push to decrease the cost of water, especially for seniors. Currently seniors receive a 10% discount on their utilities if they own their home, but that is not the same for seniors who do not, this discount must be extended to all seniors and the price of utilities must be brought down so it is more affordable for all of our families.

Roads & Sidewalks

Infrastructure is something so crucial that must be focused on, in so many places on the West side and other areas of Delano there are entire neighborhoods who don’t have sidewalks and their roads are filled with potholes. Veronica will not only prioritize one part of town to make improvements but everywhere in Delano. The City has allowed these areas to go without property maintenance and care and it will be a main focus of Veronica's that this happens.

City Lighting

Better lighting in our City would be a huge benefit to our community, not only would it be safer for all pedestrians and drivers on the road it would help curb crime in our City.

Labor/Workers Rights

We must always encourage the growth of unions in both the Public and Private sector. This will ensure accountability of employers and give employees bargaining rights in order to receive the worth of their labor. Veronica full-heartedly supports workers’ rights. This entails: the right to form a union, the right to negotiate a bargaining agreement, the right to earn a living wage, healthcare benefits, a pension, safe working conditions, and a voice on the job.

Public Health/Public Safety

We must prioritize the health of all Delano residents, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. Veronica believes we must provide PPE to our nursing homes, hospitals and businesses and make sure all of the above are in compliance with State and County standards to ensure the safety of all Delano residents.

Veronica believes in pressuring Kern County Health officials to produce better reporting practices and ensure accurate COVID-19 numbers are being reported to the City of Delano.

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Increasing Community Resources

Veronica is dedicated to implementing community resources for the children in Delano. Investing in our youth prevents childhood trauma and provides safe and stable environments.

Considering children in Kern are 1.5x more likely to live in poverty, we need to ensure that Delano has youth-based programs that are low-to-no cost for the community. These programs provide safe spaces for young adults to deter them from violent activity.

Instead of using so many law enforcement resources in schools, Veronica advocates for full time social workers especially for at-risk youth. Veronica believes we should implement ACE ( Adverse Childhood Experiences-see video to left) testing in our schools in order to identify how many of our youth have suffered from trauma and adverse experiences.

Programs Veronica believes should be modeled within Delano:

Barrios Unidos Program-Santa Cruz

Homies Unidos- LA

ACE: Adverse Childhood Experiences (Please see video to left)

Veronica wants to know what issues are important to you and your family.